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Mozambique Nearby Attractions and information

Mozambique country of contrast and a land of smiles

Mozambique is one of the most attractive and intriguing tourist destination in South Africa. Many new international hotels and luxury lodges have opened, while the national parks and game reserves, some under private management are being returned to their former glory. The major draw for tourist have long been Mozambique's 2,500 km of white, palm-fringed beaches as well as the Islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago. The vast coral reefs host a range of unique main life and offer unbelievable diving and fishing opportunities.

Mozambique's other exotic destinations include the mysterious mountains of Namuli and Unango, the historical settlements of Angoche, the World Heritage Site of Mozambique Island, The magnificent natural harbour of Pemba, and the Quirimbas Archipelago.

Mozambique provides a contrast to other countries in Southern and East Africa, with its rare blend of African, Arab, and Portuguese influences. This mix is noticeable in the Afro-Portuguese cuisine adnd the Latin beat of the music in the clubs and discos.

Mozambique History

Mozambique was explored by Vasco da Gama in 1498 and colonized by Portugal in 1505. By 1505 the Portuguese had control of all of the former Arab sultanates on the East African coast. From about 1500 Portuguese trading posts and forts became regular ports of call on the new route to the East. Mozambique is a member of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Mozambique Geography

Mozambique covers an area of over 800,00 sq. km, three times the size of Great Britain. Situated South East of the African continent, it shares borders with six other countries, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia to the North, Zimbabwe to the West, South Africa and Swaziland to the South. The coastline is 2,500 km's long and boasts numerous majestic beaches fringed by lagoons, coral reefs and strings of small islands.
A vast, low grassland plateau which rises from the coast towards the mountainsin the North and West covers near nearly half the country's land area. The Zambezi river is the largest of the country's 25 rivers. Mozambique is rich in mineral resources such as gold , emeralds, copper, iron ore and bauxite and is currently in oil exporation.

Mozambique Climate

Tropical to sub-tropical with coastal temperatures high for much of the year while the interior is warm to mild, even in the cooler, dry season from April to September. It is usually sunny throughout the year.

Mozambique National Holidays

Dates and information for Mozambiques' National Holidays
  • 1st January - New Year's Day
  • 3rd February - Heroes' Day
  • 7th April - Women's Day
  • 1St May - Worker's Day
  • 25th June - Independence Day
  • 7th September - Victory Day
  • 25th September - Revolution Day
  • 4th October - Day of Peace and Reconciliation
  • 25th December - Christmas
More Information on Mozambique

Mozambique Coat of arms

Mozambique Coat Of Arms

The Mozambique Coat Of Arms was adopted in 1990 in the Constitution of Mozambique article 194. It shows a gear wheel, representing labor and industry. This is bordered by corn stalks and sugarcane, The corn stalks and sugarcane represent agricultural wealth. In the middle there is a red sun which symbolizes the building of a new life, over a map of Mozambique in green, and blue waves, an AK-47 which represents defense and vigilance crossed with a hoe which represents peasantry and agriculture production, and a book which represents education. The wreath is tied with a ribbon bearing the name of the Country. And the res star above is for socialism , symbolizes he spirit of international solidarity of the Mozambican people.

Mozambique Flag

Mozambique Flag

The Mozambique flag was adopted on 1st May 1983. It has a image of a AK-47 and is the only flag in the world to show such a modern rifle. The rifle stands for defence and vigilance. The green in the flag stands for the riches of the land, the small white stripes signify peace, the black represents the African continent, the yellow symbolizes the countries minerals, the red represents the struggle for independence. The open book symbolizes the importance of education, the hoe represents the countries agriculture and the star symbolizes Marxism and internationalism.

Mozambique Latest News

Blue Eagles Duo Join Mozambique Club On South Africa Tour
[Nyasa Times] Blue Eagles captain Christopher John Banda and striker Schumacher Kuwali are on the verge of joining Mozambique top league side Ferroviaro de Nampula.
Govt to Send Delegation to Refugees in Malawi
[AIM] Maputo -The Mozambican government announced on Tuesday that it is sending a high level delegation to assess the situation of the Mozambican refugees who have fled into Malawi.
Kidnapping of Albino Thwarted
[AIM] Tete, Mozambique -A 53 year old albino man escaped an attempt to kidnap him on Saturday in Angonia district, in the western Mozambican province of Tete.
Nyusi Promises Continued Efforts to Speak to Dhlakama
[AIM] Maputo -Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi announced in Maputo on Tuesday that he will continue his efforts to speak with Afonso Dhlakama, leader of the former rebel movement Renamo, so that they can disuss "in an open and flexible manner", how to restore effective peace in the country.
Bandits Kill Four Tanzanian Traders in Mozambique
[Citizen] Mtwara -Four Tanzanian businessmen have been shot dead by people thought to have been bandits in the neighbouring country of Mozambique.
Winner of BCI Prize for Literature 2015 Will Be Announced On February 11
[AIM] Maputo -The official ceremony of the announcement of the winner of the 2015 BCI Prize for Literature will take place on Feb. 11 at 5.30 p.m. in the BCI's Media Library the Joaquim Chissano Space in Maputo.
Conference On Power Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Took Place in Maputo
[AIM] Maputo -Organized by "Euroconvention global", a conference on power infrastructure and renewable energy took place in Maputo on Feb. 9-10.
Police Arrest Soldiers Turned Bandit
[AIM] Maputo -The Mozambican police on Friday arrested two soldiers, accused of attacking a civilian vehicle, and injuring three of its occupants, reports the Beira daily "Diario de Mocambique".
LAM Appoints New Board of Directors
[AIM] Maputo -A meeting of the shareholders of Mozambique's publicly owned airline, LAM, on Monday appointed Antonio Pinto de Abreu as the chairperson of the company's board of directors.
EU to Provide €200 Million in Budget Support
[AIM] The European Union has pledged to disburse ?200 million (US$217 million) to Mozambique in direct budget support under an agreement signed on 31 January in Addis Ababa.
Request for Expression of Interest - Outsourcing of Agricultural Extension Services At the District Level
[AIM] Maputo -The Government of the Republic of Mozambique and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) have signed a financing agreement for the implementation of the PRONEA Support Project (PSP), which aims to increase the implementation capacity of the National Agricultural Extension Programme within a pluralistic and participatory framework. In addition to IFAD and the Government of Mozambique, the European Union and other beneficiaries are also funding entities.
Mozambique and Britain Launch Nutrition Initiative
[AIM] Maputo -The Mozambican and British governments launched in Maputo on Tuesday the "Scaling up Nutrition" (SUN) initiative, which seeks to bring private companies into the fight against chronic malnutrition which currently affects around 43 per cent of all Mozambican children under the age of five.
Nothing Is Impossible to Guarantee Peace - Nyusi
[AIM] Maputo -Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Tuesday once again expressed his willingness to meet with Afonso Dhlakama, leader of the former rebel movement Renamo to discuss the establishment of a lasting peace in Mozambique.
Another Albino Child Kidnapped in Tete
[AIM] Maputo -Another albino child has been kidnapped in Moatize, in the western Mozambican province of Tete, bringing the number of albinos kidnapped in Tete since December to five.
Bus Lanes Introduced in Maputo
[AIM] Maputo Municipal Council on 2 February claimed that the first day's experience of exclusive bus lanes in the city was a success. In this phase the bus lanes are being used on the routes from the outlying neighbourhood of Zimpeto to the downtown area of Maputo, near the port, and to the terminal at the Natural History Museum. The bus lanes are only in effect during the morning rush hour - from 05.30 to 08.30. Later the scheme will be extended to cover 15.30 to 19.00.
Britain to Assist With Solar Power
[AIM] The Mozambican and British governments signed a memorandum of understanding in Maputo on 8 February on solar power and other renewable energies.
Police Promise to Prevent Renamo From Blocking Roads
[AIM] Maputo -The Mozambican police on Tuesday guaranteed that it will use all means in its power to prevent the former rebel movement Renamo from blocking major roads in the centre of the country.
Visa Agreement With China
[AIM] The Mozambican and Chinese governments on 2 February signed an agreement exempting the citizens of both countries who hold diplomatic or service passports from the need to obtain entry visas.
45 Deaths From Storms and Floods
[AIM] 45 people have died in the storms and floods which have hit parts of northern Mozambique since the start of the current rainy season in October.
Renamo Threatens to Block Roads
[AIM] Mozambique's largest opposition party Renamo on 8 February threatened to set up road blocks on key highways in the centre of the country.
President Nyusi Meets Head of AfDB
[AIM] President Filipe Nyusi met with that chairperson of the African Development Bank (ADB), Akinwumi Adesina, on 30 January in Addis Ababa, where the President was attending the heads of state summit of the African Union.
Renamo Gunmen Shoot Community Leader
[AIM] Maputo -Armed men, believed to be members of the illicit militia of the former rebel movement Renamo, shot a community leader in Nhamatanda district, in the central Mozambican province of Sofala, on Friday night, according to a report in Monday's issue of the Maputo daily "Noticias".
Farmers Flee to Mozambique to Escape Floods
[Citizen] Tandahimba -About 70 Tanzanian farmers had to be evacuated to the neighbouring country of Mozambique after being besieged by floods from the overflowing Ruvu River.
British Minister Confirms Speaking With Dhlakama
[AIM] Maputo -The British Minister for International Development, Nicholas Hurd, on Tuesday confirmed that the previous day he contacted by phone Afonso Dhlakama, the leader of Mozambique's main opposition party, the former rebel movement Renamo.
'Proof of Life' for Pensioners
[AIM] Over 46,000 Mozambicans who receive pensions from the National Social Security Institute (INSS) must present "proof of life" to the Institute by the end of April. These are people who were registered as receiving pensions (old age, invalidity and survival pensions) up to December 2015.
Traffic At Maputo Port Falls By 19 Percent
[AIM] The Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC) on 2 February reported a decline in traffic in the port of 19.2 per cent in 2015. The port handled 19.1 million tonnes of cargo on 2014, but this dropped to 15.6 million tonnes in 2015.
Fire At Port Caused U.S.$2.4 Million of Damage
[AIM] The fire that broke out at on13 December at the grain terminal in the port of Matola during an abortive attempt to steal fuel from a pipeline running past the terminal caused damage estimated at US$2.4 million, the government spokesperson, Deputy Health Minister Mouzinho Saide, announced on 2 February.
Community Leader Shot
[AIM] Armed men, believed to be members of Renamo's illicit militia, shot a community leader in Nhamatanda district, in the central province of Sofala, on 5 February.
Standard and Poor's Keeps B Minus Rating for Mozambique
[AIM] Maputo -The ratings agency Standard & Poor's (S&P) has reaffirmed its rating of Mozambique as "B-/B", but warns of the possibility of a downgrade to "SD" (selective default).
Bwabwata Plane Crash Report Coming
[Namibian] Transport minister Alpheus !Naruseb is expected to release the investigation report of the Mozambican airline that crashed in the Bwabwata National Park in 2013.
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